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Double Happiness Malaysia

Double Happiness- Herbal Soup Pack Series

Double Happiness- Herbal Soup Pack Series

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Product Information:

- Herbs used are mostly without sulfur (sulfur is used as herbs preservative).
- Herbs are packed freshly after order received.
- As no sulfur is used, we will dehydrate the herbs again before we pack to make the shelf life longer.
- Please store it immediately in fridge once received.

Cooking Instructions:
1) Wash all the ingredients (except honey licorice 蜜枣)
2) Add soup bone / meat / chicken
3) Can add up to 1litre of water
4) Suggest double boiled method for 1.5hrs to 2 hrs for the best effect and taste.

Suitable for 12 months & above.

1)虫草花干贝汤 Cordyceps Flower Scallop Soup

Boosts energy and supports immunity.

2)核桃补脑汤 Walnut Brain Booster Soup

Walnut is rich in antioxidant, plant source of Omega-3s.

3)儿童四神汤 Chinese Four Herbs Soup

Helps to improve poor appetite, promote bowel movement and remove heat from the body.

4)黑豆强壮滋补汤 Black Bean Nourishing Soup

Strengthen the yin, nourishes and promoting circulation.

5)虎乳润肺汤 Tiger Milk Mushroom Nourishing Soup

Nourishing. Moisten the throat dryness.

6)免疫力UP汤 Strengthen Immune System Soup

To boost immunity by improving overall Qi. 

7)虫草开胃汤 Cordyceps Appetizing Soup

Helps to improve poor appetite. Help in children especially picky eater.

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-ISO 22000


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